Completely Czech development and production. PulsePro charging stations are a modular system that can be upgraded to a more advanced version at any time, including an identification chip reader, or a smart module for remote management via the Internet. We provide our own warranty and post-warranty service in the Czech Republic and the EU.

The PulsePro project was created as a startup responding to the current situation in the field of electromobility

  At present, we are in a turning point, in which the process of electrification of transport and the transition from internal combustion engines to electric cars is taking place. At the beginning of the whole process, it is necessary to build the densest possible network of charging stations, which will convince car users to buy electric cars or hybrids. This is one of the most important reasons that will fundamentally influence users to buy an electric vehicle.

   In Western Europe, this process is generously funded by the European Union or the governments of the countries themselves. In the Netherlands, for example, there are currently over 50,000 public recharge points . There are currently only 680 of them available in the Czech Republic.


   This clearly shows the disparity and some hesitation that puts us at a disadvantage within the EU. Western European tourists who use electric cars will not look for Czech locations because they will not be able to recharge their cars here. This may negatively affect the entire tourism industry in the future.




Complex solution

Due to the fact that PulsePlus is a subsidiary of TEMOTELEKOMUNIKACE as , which is one of the largest telecommunications and electrical installation companies on the Czech market, we are able to solve all projects comprehensively. From project processing and professional advice, installation and warranty and post-warranty service. We will be happy to help you with financing or inclusion in grant programs.


Due to our design experience in a sister company

We have also developed our own design for the Creative Design Group , which aims to tastefully complement any car park in hotels, squares, corporate headquarters or underground car parks.


Affordable price

The affordable price of the device is also important. Thanks to the fact that the whole project was created  in our country and the production itself takes place in the Czech Republic, the selling price is below all competition and reaches an acceptable purchase level even for smaller operators .

Czech way

Therefore, we were looking for our own way to help the process of switching to alternative fuels and thus accelerate the reduction of the environmental burden resulting from the emissions of conventional internal combustion engines.  

With Czech capital and Czech experts, we have developed our own range of charging stations that meet all European standards and are fully operational.


Marketing use  

  Another added value of our project is the possibility of using the charger for marketing. At the beginning of the process of introducing and expanding the charging network, our charging station can be used as an attractive service for all electric car owners, who can recharge their electric car or hybrid when visiting you.


Programmable switch

   In addition, the charger is uniquely equipped with a programmable timer, on which the operating time can be set in accordance with the opening hours of the establishment where the car park with the charger is located. The price of an hour of recharging is in a special tariff of 50 - 60 CZK / hour. The acquisition of such a charger can also serve well in the PR presentation of the company as an environmentally and progressively minded company.


Introduction of a charging point

   Probably the most important benefit of purchasing your own charger is the timely introduction of your charging point into all the search maps used by electric car users. The sooner you have your address registered, the more it will be introduced when you want to sell electricity in the future.




   We have also created the PulsePro network for our customers, which brings together all the owners of our charging station into their own network, within which they have access to other benefits such as an extended warranty period of 4 years, or their own brand on the stand free of charge. In addition, we will arrange for these charging points to be entered in all relevant search engines on the Internet.